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Full Tour Description

Welcome to our beautiful country, also known as the land of eagles. Albania is an attractive tourist destination, not only because of its variety of landscapes, but also thanks to its wealth of cultural treasures and its history. Albania is in a very important part of the Balkan Peninsula, in front of “Ancient Rome” and on the road to Byzantium and the “capital of the world” at that time Constantinople. Therefore, many conquerors have crossed the region, leaving traces of their culture. The treasures and the remains of the great civilizations of the region are still visible today, including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Venetians and modern Italians. In our archaeological park, you have the opportunity to touch the ruins of some of these powerful civilizations. A variety of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, mosques, monasteries with precious frescoes and icons. Old bridges and other monuments will enrich your visit to Albania. And to crown the heights of many rugged mountains of the country are castles dating from the time of the Illyrians and Medieval Times. The castles of Berat and Gjirokastra, with their traditional architecture, have also been very popular over the centuries by many visitors who have traveled through Albania. Archeology admires the mystical atmosphere of the castle of Butrint and enjoys the beautiful panorama of the Roman city Apollonia. UNESCO has also honored with the addition of three of our sites to the prestigious List of World Cultural Heritage. Albania living connection to its rich cultural heritage is also complimented with its commitment to keep pace with a life highly vibrant and contemporary, echoing its spirituality and its presence in the European culture. We are happy you have chosen to visit us and we hope that you will have a pleasant stay. In this brochure you will find a summary of our recommendations of choices for places that you should visit during your stay.

Table of Events

8:009:15Arrival in Kruja
9:159:30Walk to Kruja Castle
9:3010:30Visit Scanderbeg Museum
10:3011:30Visit Ethnographic Museum
11:3012:00Walk through the Old Bazaar
12:0013:20Lunch and traditionla singing and dancing 
13:2014:30Drive to Tirana, arrival in Martyrs Cemetery
14:3015:00Visit Martyrs Cemetery
15:0015:30Walk around center of the city
15:3016:30Drive back to the Port