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Full Tour Description

We start at 09:00 and our first destination is at Borsh at the waterfall we arrive at 09:50 there we have 1 hour free time to drink a coffee or a soft drink and to take photos. We leave from Borsh at 10:50 and we continue to visit the old village Piluri we have 30 minutes to explore the village and after that we are going to the restaurant for lunch. At the restaurant there is a buffe with different dishes. Menu: Roast lamp, tomatoes salad or green salad , cheese , salc kosi (traditional yoghurt sauce), potatoes , different grilled vegetables , traditional meatballs , traditional Albanian donuts. 1 Drink (soft drinks or beer or glass of wine) and 1 glass of traditional drink Raki. We finish the delicious lunch at 13:00 and we continue to the amazing beach of LLamani Beach for swimming and sunbath (including the sun beds and umbrella) for 1 hour and 30 minutes. After the beach we are going to visit the Castle of Porto Palermo the gift of Ali Pasha to his unique love,VasilikI. We arrived at 16:00 and we are going to have 50 minutes to explore the Castel and to take fantastic photos from the breathtaking view. We leave from Porto Palermo at 16:50 and arrived in Saranda at 18:00.

Table of Events

09:0009:50Drive and stop at Borshi village
09:5010:50Refreshment stop & toilet use at Waterfall coffee bar
10:5011:30Drive to Piluri                           
11:3012:00Explore Piluri village
13:0014:00Drive to Llaman Beach
14:0015:30Enjoy sun & sea Llamani beach/swimming time
15:3016:00Drive to Porto Palermo  
16:0016:50Visit Ali Pasha castle ruins
16:5018:00Drive back to Saranda